Creating Memories with a swirl of BetsyButtercream

Cakestories Memories

Cakestories Memories

Creating #memories with a swirl of Betsybuttercream – you need these for the future…..really do!

We know that – #thefutureiscake and the past is great memories….

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BetsyButtercream is heading to Tring – Cake Stories Party time

Betsy Buttercream has got all her cakes, buttercream, chefs aprons, chefs hats, decorating tools and pipes of Buttercream ready for Sophia’s Birthday Party in Tring.

All she needs now is a group of creative children to whip up a Cake Stories party storm….



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Another great Cake Stories Party…..

Party Girls

Party Girls

Betsy Buttercream had a blast at Emma’s party – got to love a great group of creative kids enjoying how to decorate cupcakes and letting their imagination take hold – all while celebrating their friend’s Birthday.

That sense of fun is why we love it so much….

#thefutureiscake we think!!!

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Childrens Birthday Parties

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Let BetsyButtercream take care of your child’s birthday party and take a well earn rest. Our Cupcake decorating parties let parents enjoy a birthday too – whoever you even, even if the cupcake monsters turn up!!!

Taking bookings now !!!

More pictures here….      and twittering here …..         

Have an inspired weekend xxxxxxx

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Party Time

Cake Stories Party time!!!!

Cake Stories Party time!!!!

A Cake Stories Party brings the sunshine out even on the rainy day. For a sprinkle of fun and a healthy dose of creativity they are the perfect plan. This is Katie Cupcake in action!!
Letting parents enjoy the day too !!!!!!!!!

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Happy Weekend to all our Friends…..



We hope the sun shines on your heart this weekend…….we think #thefutureiscake and sunshine!!!!

More from the home of the Cake Stories Cupcake party here…

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Happy Sunday everyone

Cake Stories Party Magic

Cake Stories Party Magic

All hands on the cutters here......

All hands on the cutters here……

Betsy Buttercream moment....sharing the magic!

Betsy Buttercream moment….sharing the magic!

Its been a bit windy and showery here so we thought a few pictures from some of our parties would be the thing to warm the spirits….Have a great Sunday whatever you are doing today.

Oh and thanks for sharing the love – really puts a spring in our step in the Cake Stories kitchen!

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