Check out Cartoon BetsyButtercream

Have a look to see what you think of our cartoon Betsy who appears on our Cake Stories party invites – they are officially the hotest birthday party invite in town – the one everyone wants!!!!

Cake Stories Party Invites

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Cake Stories Party Fun……

Cakestories Party Fun

Cakestories Party Fun

This is what a Cake Stories party looks like – in this post you can’t hear the laughter, feel the excitement or see the creative joy….For that you need to book one!!!


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Homeward Bound from Paris

Source: Homeward Bound from Paris

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un jour triste

Source: un jour triste

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Our latest Feebback….

“Thank you so much Lauren and Rosey! Was lovely to meet you. Chloé had an amazing time!! She said it was her best birthday party ever!!! I’ve also had the mums saying their daughters so enjoyed themselves.”
Lovely feedback received from Chloé’s mum about her party yesterday xxx

Party detail here —

Cakestories Memories

Cakestories Memories

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New Cakestories Party host needs a name

Guys we need some of your inspiration in the Cake Stories Kitchen…. this is what we do but thinking up names is a little more difficult, so feel free to share and suggest away!!!!

Some of our Facebook friends have started already….

Maddy's Birthday Cake

Maddy’s Birthday Cake

We need to name our new host any ideas for to consider??

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BetsyButtercream is getting into the spirit of Halloween


BetsyButtercream is really excited about Alyssa’s Birthday party in Stevenage tomorrow….Hoping that no ghosts turn up in the Cake Stories kitchen in the meantime….

Have a fab Halloween all you ghouls and zombies out there – stay creative!!!

Here is our cupcake party info – no ghosts here last time we looked….

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