Party with Cake Stories

We did some experimenting in the Cake Stories kitchen this weekend to see if we could combine a secret inside our cupcakes.

Its just the sort of idea our party crews come up with – pushing the boundaries while they are designing how their cakes will look. Quite often they have really specific ideas about who is getting what at the end of the party. There is a thing, a party bag at the end of a party with something the rest of the family really want to get their hands on. Our party crews take home four Cake Stories cupcakes each decorated by them.

Click on the link to go to our Party Info Page – Party Info!

So I wonder what innovations our next party crew will come up with…. Here are our hidden Reeses cakes…


Our Facebook page has Cake Stories stuff and some great content from our other creative friends too so pop along and say hello!!

Facebook Link

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Halloween Parties


Its just round the corner – no scary clowns here, just a great party atmosphere, if you are looking for a Birthday Party with a difference check out our info below. We love an autumn party with a smell of bonfire and the sound of crackly leaves…..

Party Info – No ghosts promise!!!

Remember #thefutureiscake

Facebook Page……


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We love a Sunny Day Party

Whether its sunny outside or not we find that the cakes which our party teams come up with always raise the spirit… As you can see in these pages we are always being surprised by how creative they are!!

Here are a few pictures…. Have a fab Sunday!

Party Info!!!!

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Childrens Entertainer

We have always thought of ourselves as bakers here at Cake Stories but I guess you could say we do entertain children – Although we find that give someone an opportunity to be creative doing something new and they will entertain themselves and if you find a hidden passion, that can last a lifetime….

So here’s hoping that our next group of party going children might have some cake passion for us to find….#thefutureiscake

Party Info

Hidden Talent Finder !!!

FullSizeRender (25)IMG_0688035FullSizeRender (28)

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Happy Weekend

Wishing our friends a happy bake filled weekend – we are thinking of Halloween here whilst planning our baking for Birthday Parties we have coming up!

Look out for some of our inspired party guests bakes which will be on our Facebook page soon – in the meantime keep up the baking creativity!!!
oh and remember that #thefutureiscake

Party info

Class Info

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A great start to your Hen Do celebration..

Hen Do Info


This is the way to start your Hen do celebration – so if you are planning an Autumn Wedding look no further for a great start to your event!!!

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There is a Party storm on Facebook

Check out our facebook information on our Facebook page if you are looking for a fantastic childrens birthday party – Any GBBO fans will love our hosts and the creative element to a Cake Stories party!!!

Party Pictures XXXX


Join our Cake Stories Hall of Fame!!


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