Just a passing Cake Story

We love a good Cake Day dream here at Cake Stories – at the moment a Victoria Sponge is taking shape and we have been distratced by loads of different bread designs – but looking forward to a point next year when we can safely go back to what we love most – our crazy cupcake parties…

For the meantime thanks to all our friends for geting us through this difficult period – remember to stay safe and look after each other!!

Dont forget to check out our links:http://bit.ly/1NNfpMs

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Autumn Sunshine

Looking back over some of our pictures…we are sustained by baking and trying new recipies – and by the memories of our Parties….

#thefutureiscake – stay safe everyone!!

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Some spirit raising Cakes….

Here are a few cakes to raise our spirits and lead us back to the bright side of life…


Cakestories Party Fun
Roseswirls added

If you would like to see more of what we do here at Cake Stories check out our posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter….stay safe while you bake your blues away…

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Having some fun with Bread

Bread Adventures

This is one fo the loaves we have been experimenting with – while our Cupcake Parties are taking a rest until we are out of the other side of Covid…

So this has a sour dough starter but also some yeast to help with the rise and make it quicker to produce – one fo the big steps forward was loosing the fear of working with sticky dough – a scraper is a great tool to get you through this stage – the sticky doughs make for a better loaf in the end.

Here are our links so you can keep up with bread works in the Cake Stories kitchen:

If you are mainly interested in Bread our Cake Stories Instagram account has step by step progress of some of these loaves! @cakestoriesbylauren


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Some Cake Therapy

Roseswirls added

While we are all trying to stay positive – this is our part finished large swirl cake – if you want to make it more interesting try adding flavours to the swirls – or mixing the colours with different flavours – lemon in the brown swirls is a great surprise!

Wishing all our Mothers a great day today – well as good as it can be…..


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Parties Postponed

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to postpone our Cake Stories parties for the foreseeable future.

We wish all our Birthday Girls & Boys a very happy Birthday.

We look forward to the time when we can rearrange your parties and create more special memories.


Stay safe everyone!


Love Betsy Buttercream, Katie Cupcake, Rosey Swirl & Chef Paolo xxxx

Cakestories Memories
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Mixing up a Party!

Check out our Mixers at a recent Party – the sprinkle of CakeStories magic goes into every one!!


FullSizeRender (28)

Party Link

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Looking forward to Mila’s 6th Birthday

Rosie Swirl is super excited about Mila’s Party in Berkhamsted later – the Cake Stories cakes are loaded and the Buttercream is ready to go – now all we need is a susper creative crew and a little sprinkle of #RosieSwirl magic…



Check out our Facebook page to read our latest review – we are proud of what we do!

Party Info

Facebook link…

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Chocolate Cake Fans

Check out our Facebook page for some Choclate Cake action – we love a cake experiment here #thefutureiscake

We were inspired by this and you might be able to see some of the swirls in the cake structure….

Cake Stories by Lauren


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Wishing all our friends a fabulous New Year

Looking forward to making great Party memories with you all next year
#thefutureiscake and #2020 xxxx
Party Information

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