There is a Party storm on Facebook

Check out our facebook information on our Facebook page if you are looking for a fantastic childrens birthday party – Any GBBO fans will love our hosts and the creative element to a Cake Stories party!!!

Party Pictures XXXX


Join our Cake Stories Hall of Fame!!


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Party Time!!!

Cake Stories Party Info and BookingFullSizeRender (28)

We love a party here – taking bookings now !!!!

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Inspiring the next Generation of Bakers

We love to watch the Great British Bake Off here and find inspiration from the flavours and designs the amateur bakers come up with – what a challenge to make a Jaffa cake….

We think that inspiring the next generation of bakers is so important in a world which is more and more fast food – which sometimes means less and less quality….

So why not book a Cake Stories event to encourage our next stars of the GBBO? Details of how to book below – in the meantime enjoy the baking!!

Cake Stories Event

photo (1)

Cakestories Memories

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Some Hydrangea Inspiration

Hydrangea Bouquet

Hydrangea cupcake bouquet

While the sun shines we thought we would send you all a cake inspired by our recent trip to the somme – saw loads of hydrangeas there – jury is still out whether we prefer the bold or soft coloured versions….


Cake Stories Party info …..

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Ihwa Mural Village (이화 벽화마을), Seoul. — On the Road

Because I love mural villages.

via Ihwa Mural Village (이화 벽화마을), Seoul. — On the Road

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Book your Party now

We are taking Cupcake Party bookings now, if you have a group of creative children who want a party that will be remembered for years to come…this is it!!!

FullSizeRender (28)

Info here ….

Party Info !!!!

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Katie Cupcake

FullSizeRender (27)

Katie Cupcake had a fabulous time at this party in Berkhamsted – she thinks that some of these creative children may well end up on the great british bake off – the bunting is almost exactly the same!!!

If you want to book a Cake Stories Party have a look below for the information and secure your date!!


Cupcake Party Info!!!!!

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