Creative Bakers – Party here

If you are looking for a Party to remember get in touch with the Cake Stories team – this is what we do – making Parties to remember and always looking to inspire the next round of Great British Bake Off champions!!

boys 40

DSCF9890 small

Small Bather

Here is our Party info:

Party Info

And what parents think here:

Party Reviews


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Party Feeling

This is how we roll at Cake Stories – alwasy a Party on the Horizon…..


Info is here and you can see our latest baking on twitter or facebook:

Party Info!!!!!

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DIY Sourdough Starter — Just a DIY SAHM

Our sourdough starter, Sour Sally, is almost as much a part of the family as our dog, Cooper. We use her for everything; namely, bread. Want to get your own going?

via DIY Sourdough Starter — Just a DIY SAHM

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Party People – This is the Cake Story

Check out our latest creative teams here:

Party Info


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Rocking it KatieCupcake Style in Tring today!!!

Wishing everyone attending Mariella’s Party a fab time discovering #thefutureiscake….

FullSizeRender (28)

Party Info

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A Cake Smile for our friends

Some of the fun at our Parties is nothing to do with baking….its all about having fun with friends and making a Birthday to remember…with the help of some creative minds, some buttercream and an inspiring Cake Stories host…..#thefutureiscake

Party Info…….

What other parents think….


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Flower Power

Thank you Cee for all of your “Flower of the day” ideas. I planted lots of daffodils and tulips last fall. I look these photos with my new iPhone X

via Flower of the Day – March 19, 2018 — Blogging from the Mas

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