Cake Stories

Cake Stories Intro:
Cake Stories….I make them! Home of the Cake Stories Cupcake Party – with the CakeStories team we deliver a fabulous Birthday celebration to remember.

All the Cupcakes are baked in the Cake Stories kitchen – your child and their friends provide the creative flair to take home at the end of a fabulous Birthday celebration to remember….

My cakes are always made with free-range eggs. The jam in the fillings is homemade when in season and locally sourced…in fact the strawberries are grown in our garden. My buttercream is always made fresh to order.

Cupcakes for every occasion – tailored to your specifications. The swirliest, whirliest cupcakes or sophisticated but simple creations – the choice is yours. It’s Your Story and I will tell it through your order reflecting your requests through my creations.
My cakes are different to the norm and not what you would call traditional. I tend to use buttercream as my main icing and fondant to accent my designs. I love to pipe different effects and the taste and texture of buttercream, in my opinion, far outweighs that of fondant. My cakes look beautiful and eye-catching, but most importantly taste delicious!
As with cupcakes, no one cake is the same so please contact me for a quote and I can advise you depending on your ideas and budget.

I can make suggestions and guide you through an order, or you can give me a brief. Either way you will be proud and happy with your finished cupcakes or cakes and you will put a smile on  someone’s face…guaranteed!


11 Responses to Cake Stories

  1. Ema says:

    I am interested in children cooking party (10-15 grils age 9)


  2. We like desserts here in France, In particular almost any kind of French pastry is well accepted and celebrated.


  3. very very nice, amazing! congratulations!


  4. All the best to you for your blog and business – Bon dimanche!


  5. Kristin says:

    Lauren, Thank you for liking my blog but more importantly – your cupcakes are BEAUTIFUL! You are incredibly creative and talented.


  6. litadoolan says:

    Great to find your site! I know cup cakes are everywhere but I have never seen them be personalised with a story. Top idea.


  7. theamblogger says:

    It’s so great !! good luck for you in your business and blog ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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