A Break from the Oven….

Love this guys!!! #thefutureiscake

Party Info !

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Have I mentioned how much I love Coldplay? I love Coldplay. Chris Martin may sing about not seeing himself on a list of mythological supermen, but as far as I’m concerned, he has a definite Midas thing going on artistically speaking. Plus, this video is bright and colorful and there is confetti involved.

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Making Memories…..

We love to make a memorable party here, every party we run is special to us and we find that the guests always rise to the occasion – making parties great one cake at a time….

So why not check out this fabulous Cake Story:

Cake Story of her life!


Party Info below:

Party Info

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Here are some of the other spaces we are on so you can celebrate #thefutureiscake some more…. Link up with us here too!!!!




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It’s a Party Weekend

These are the hottest tickets in Town – keep an eye out for your invitation to a CakeStories party…You can expect creativity, new skills, fun and a delicious Cake Stories Cupcake but most of all you can expect to remember this party for a lifetime….Your friends will be talking about it forever!!

Here is what to look for:


Cake Stories Invite

Party Info Here:

Party Info !!!!

Reviews Here:

Facebook Reviews

Feel free to join our Cake Stories Community on Facebook

Cake Stories Facebook

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Its Party Time – Book your date Now!

We have had a flurry of Party bookings into the Cake Stories kitchen to start off the New Year – so if you are looking for  a creative Cake Party then this is thing for you – we find that those booking our parties are looking for something to appeal to their inspired creative side…. And they want something a bit different from the norm….Well if that is you have a look to see what we do at a CakeStories Party – we gaurantee a memory you wont forget!!

Info is here :

Party Info

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And some reviews are here:

Reviews !!!!

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Happy New Year


There is no where to go but everywhere, so just keep roling under the stars….


Wishing you all good luck in finding your paths in 2017!!!

Happy New Year #thefutureiscake

Party Info


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Wishing all our Friends – Happy New Year

Wishing all our friends a Fabulous New Year – thanks for all your support last year and believing #thefutureiscake !!
Party Info : http://bit.ly/1NNfpMs
#ChildrensParty #ChildrensEntertainer


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