Making Memories – Cake Stories Style

So here is a recent party, so you get the idea we love creative, fun,joy….

FullSizeRender (24)

We are taking bookings now, information is below if like us you think #thefutureiscake and #fun !!!

Our parties come with a lifetime memory gaurantee…..

Party Info



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Looking forward to Matilda’s Party

Rosie Swirl is starting to get excited about Matilda’s Birthday Party this weekend….so lets have a few inspirational pictures to get the party crew into a creative mood…

We are taking Party bookings now…..details below:

Party Info


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Bring some Sunshine to your Party

This is how we bring some sunshine to your party

FullSizeRender (27)


Taking #Party bookings now – info below

Party Info !!!!

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Happy Baking this Weekend!!!

Wishubg all our friends an inspired Baking weekender – whatever you are doing we hope it turns out just right….

For us #thefutureiscake so here is a quick look at how are Baking Parties make the future fab too!!!

FullSizeRender (27)

Party Info here xx

What people think…..

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Celebrating a Little bit of Madness

FullSizeRender (27)

Well we have taken a little inspiration from lalaland – but we think that all creative types need a little bit to make us all tick…thats when we find new skills and talent and we find that spark of inspiration which takes us to a higher place…thinking of higher places makes us think of the High Rise cupcake decorating one of our party crew came up with recently….why not reach for the sky….

We are celebrating a little bit of Madness – one crazy fun filled party at a time….

Taking Cupcake Party bookings now!!!

Start your Creative Journey here!!!!

Here are some who walked this route before!


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Happy Easter to all our Friends

Wishing you a creative break…..#thefutureiscake

Party Info !!!!

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Speedy Decorations

Here are a few of our famous Cake Stories creatives!! – if you want to try out your Cake Decorating skills then be quick and book a Cake Stories Party…. information below!!!

Madeleines party 042

Cakestories Party Fun

Check out a video of some Rose Swirls being created on our Facebook Page:

Facebook Page

Get your date booked here;

Party Info


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