Penguin Fun

PenguinCakeAfternoonTeacupcakes 031

As summer slowly approaches in the Cake Stories kitchen I felt the need for a little uplifting Penguin Fun….. so here it is the nearly frozen wastes of penguin kindergaarten….. Well it makes the sometimes sunny skies overhead feel just that little bit warmer….


About Cake Stories by Lauren

Cake Stories I make them - Children's Cupcake parties, Adult Classes and bespoke Cake and Cupcakes. Check my FB for more pics!! Hemel Hempstead Herts
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6 Responses to Penguin Fun

  1. I couldn’t believe those are edible


  2. Very cool ! (No pun intended). The penguins make me smile, individually and collectively.


  3. Jk says:

    You are so very talented, keep up the great work! = )


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