Time for party havoc………

This box of 6 will create havoc

This box of 6 will create havoc

There is a spring feel in the air so these guys will be even more crazy than usual. If you find them at a party be ready for excitement, joy, and serious volume control loss on any children in the area….. You will also find that memories of the party last longer, are talked about more and can in extreme cases distract children from the presence of their parents/older siblings completely…….

In the Cake Stories kitchen we are looking forward to spring and a little more natural light to lift our spirits. It goes without saying that the guys in this box have an extreme excess of crazy spirit already…………. if you need a party infused with Cake Stories spirit see our party page!

About Cake Stories by Lauren

Cake Stories I make them - Children's Cupcake parties, Adult Classes and bespoke Cake and Cupcakes. https://cakestoriesbylauren.wordpress.com/ Check my FB for more pics!! https://www.facebook.com/cakestoriesbylauren Hemel Hempstead Herts
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7 Responses to Time for party havoc………

  1. Eowyn says:

    Too cute!’ 🙂


  2. I love these cupcakes. They’re perfect. 😀


  3. Ha ha! Love these! They are just perfect!


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