Penguin Play

In the Cake Stories kitchen there is only one way to reconcile the fact that those balmy days of high summer are but a distant memory, fading tan and set of lovely pictures in my album (well haven’t quite made it to an album in years – so will have to substitute digital storage system for that!). The only way to celebrate this is to make a cake with a whole lot of cold air going on, the sort of cake which makes us remember how lucky we are and invites us to marvel at a band of altogether more hardy souls…. well they may be more hardy but they still love a little play around a half frozen pond…. like to play some of the games they have somehow seen on social media and generally bring a shiney cartoon feel to an artic scene…..introducing the Cake Stories Penguins…..

PenguinCakeAfternoonTeacupcakes 031

As you can see the Penguins are making the most of a small patch of thawed water….all have remembered their scarves…lets have a quick look for some of the characters…

PenguinCakeAfternoonTeacupcakes 027

Our scientist penguin wants to explore how deep that pond is – and has found a tripple layered sponge cake underneath….Notice our extrovert Penguin appears to have seen an audience building and prepares a quick piece of mime – quite handy as he hasnt perfected his vocal range yet….

PenguinCakeAfternoonTeacupcakes 032

Will let them enjoy the pond now…….I wonder whether the oversized wooly hat will catch on…..???

About Cake Stories by Lauren

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8 Responses to Penguin Play

  1. Expat Eye says:

    That is just too beautiful to ever eat! 🙂


  2. fattyhatty says:

    You’re so clever!


  3. How cute is this cake!


  4. I love it! So pretty I don’t think I could ever eat it! xoxo


  5. Bipasha says:



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