Chocolate Chestnut Frang Cake

Chocolate Chesnut Frang

This is a light chocolate chesnut cake which was a bit of an experiment because I decided to ‘frang’ it – that is add in a bit of almond flavour to it. In the style of a beautiful almond croissant – well it does work and makes for a wonderful light Christmas cake.
This cake just needs a gentle trim to make the edge neat and a dusting of frost like icing sugar… can then enter the world of Chocolate Chesnut Frang !!!

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2 Responses to Chocolate Chestnut Frang Cake

  1. Is there any chance you would give us all the recipe? Chocolate, chestnut purée? and almond frangipane? Heaven.


    • Hi – yes there is every chance….it starts with chocolate and butter introduced to each other over heat…..then some chestnut puree which intertwines with milk…..all sperate at first both warmed in their own special way… can decide which way the almond goes, you might find differences in flavour depending on your mood too….Well next take 4 gloden egg yokes and mix them with caster sugar to make a magical solid custard – thats got to go with the chestnut….no leaway there! Whip up some egg whites into a ghostly frenzy – all peaks and dramatic poses!
      Now bring it all to a meeting – warm it a little and then into the oven…..Thats the heart of the recipe!


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