A Sparkling Winter’s day calls for a sparkling reminder of summer…….butterfly

Butterflyaway cake

Butterflyaway cake

This is the Butterfly Cake – I called it the butterflyaway cake because its a lovely day here and thought it could just fly off…. here’s some detail….


And here’s another one…..more to follow soon – if you cant wait have a look on my facebook link!!!

Top view - about to set off...

Top view – about to set off…

About Cake Stories by Lauren

Cake Stories I make them - Children's Cupcake parties, Adult Classes and bespoke Cake and Cupcakes. https://cakestoriesbylauren.wordpress.com/ Check my FB for more pics!! https://www.facebook.com/cakestoriesbylauren Hemel Hempstead Herts
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8 Responses to A Sparkling Winter’s day calls for a sparkling reminder of summer…….butterfly

  1. utesmile says:

    How absolutely beautiful!


  2. This cake is amazing. How long does it take you to do that decoration?


    • Hi Hen, thanks! This is one of my favourites. All in all it probably takes about 7-8 hours. By the way, I am glad you don’t mind me calling you Hen…as when I sent that message before I hadnt even realised that is what I called you so apologies if I was being a bit familiar lol…its just a friend of mine is called Henrietta – gorgeous name by the way and everyone calls her Hen. x


      • I hope you get paid well for those 8 hours work. Talking about work I’d like to order a Christmas Log cake from you for Dec 24th,
        Hen 🙂


      • Hi Hen!
        due to the volume of christmas orders I am just doing the cupcake range you see on FB and here.
        However I have done all sorts of cakes and designs during the rest of the year….I like to do original designs rather than do the sort of things which you see in high street bakers. The FB page has a range of the designs which Ive done.
        Are you in the UK for Christmas?
        L X


      • Yes, we, as in my husband and two daughters, are staying with my parents in Mayfield, Kent. I’ve looked at your cupcakes on FB and they’re so tempting. I especially like the snowflake icing. Never mind about the log, I just thought I’d ask. It’s great that you have a lot of orders. I so admire women, who create their own business, Hen.


  3. brittawrites says:

    This is gorgeous! I never knew you could get such stunning detail on a cake.


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