Party Feedback………….

Got a lovely phone call from a Dad whose daughter was at Evie’s Cupcake Party today…

Phone was ringing before I even got back to Cake Stories HQ to say how much Honey had enjoyed it and she thought it was the best party she’s ever been to and could Betsy Buttercream please come to her party in March. Such a nice thing to hear.

Love my job!!!! Xxxx

Betsy Buttercream moment....sharing the magic!

Betsy Buttercream moment….sharing the magic!

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Testimonial – This is why we do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren’s Cupcake party for my seven year old was fantastic. She hosted 9 very excited girls and kept them entertained with the making of aprons, cupcakes boxes, chef’s hats, icing cakes and decorating cakes! Lauren made time for every guest as well as some special tasks for the birthday girl! So many of the parents have commented to me how much fun their children had. I would thoroughly recommend Lauren, she is amazing!
Louise x

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CupCake Party Bookings being taken now……

Cupcake Party bookings being taken now – we love a cupcake party. BetsyButtercream will run your cupcake party as you can see here…………these party goers are getting ready to pipe….

Get in touch to book your date……

Cupcake Party

Cupcake Party

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Cupcake Party Time

We a love a cupcake party here – bookings being taken now …. in this one its all hands to the cutters….

All hands on the cutters here......

All hands on the cutters here……

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Party Time

Betsy Buttercream has a busy weekend – she is currently preparing for a Birthday Party in Tring. She will be celebrating with Kiera and her friends at her 6th birthday party…..

She is really looking forward to it…….. She loves that Birthday feeling

Betsy Buttercream

Betsy Buttercream

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Inspiring the next Generation of Bakers – The Great British Bake Off !!!

Here in the Cake Stories kitchen we love the Great British Bake Off #gbbo we think that it inspires us all to get back to basics and have a go!

This is very much the theme of our parties as well have a look at whats been created under the supervision of Betsy Buttercream and Katie Cupcake amongst their ranks could be master cake maker of the future….. So bravo to the #gbbo all we need is ‘Ready, Steady……Bake!’

Incase you didnt know already we firmly believe the future is cake !!!!


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Bastille Day

For all our friends in France – Have a fabulous Bastille Day – we believe the future is cake and freedom…………

Happy Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day

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